Heffels Spiegeler Attorneys-at-Law is an international law firm with particular expertise on the Netherlands, France and Germany.

You may call upon the law firm Heffels Spiegeler Attorneys-at-Law for:

  • Your negotiations
  • Legal Advice
  • Drafting Agreements
  • Litigation

Our law firm is specialized in:

Intellectual Property Law

Innovative and creative industries should maintain their advantage against competitors by protecting their products and knowledge. We assist you amongst others in defending you against counterfeiting and piracy in guiding you in your advertising strategy and in drafting your license agreements. We support you in your negotiations, in drafting your agreements and in litigation in respect of:

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Industrial Designs
  • Trade Names
  • Patents
  • Plant Varieties
  • Biotechnology
  • E-Commerce
  • Domain Names
  • Advertising
  • Unlawful Publications
  • Information Law


Within the EU, a new legislation on data protection has been introduced: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies are requested to revise the relevant articles to be coherent with the GDPR. There are a lot of questions about what is allowed with regard to privacy, e.g. to what extend may an employer survey e-mail correspondence or internet usage of his employees? We further advise you on:

  • Reports to the Dutch ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’ (AP)
  • Direct marketing
  • Passing on personal data to non-EU countries
  • Surveillance of e-mail correspondence and internet usage
  • Drafting of privacystatements

Competition Law

Most companies are subject to competition law, which includes the list below. We support and advise you in the event you intend to engage into concerted practices with competitors or to deal with professional purchasers or dealers or if you contemplate to merge with or acquire other companies. We verify the compatibility of your agreements with competition law. We support you during procedures before and litigations against the Dutch Competition Authority (ACM). Heffels Spiegeler Attorneys-at-Law further assists you in your actions for damages due to breach of competition rules (cartels or abuse of dominant position).

  • Prohibition of cartels (price fixing, market sharing)
  • Prohibition of abuse of dominant position
  • Merger control (mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures)

Consumers Law

Selling goods and providing services to consumers is subject to strict rules protecting consumers. We provide advice on how to approach consumers and assists you in your litigations. Heffels Spiegeler Attorneys at Law supports you in your procedures before the Dutch Consumers Authority. Consumers Law further includes:

  • Distant selling (via mail, phone, internet)
  • Unfair commercial practices
  • E-commerce
  • Advertising
  • Price indication

Art Law

Heffels Spiegeler Advocaten offers a wide range of art law services for artists, collectors, galleries, dealers as well as art fairs, auction houses, museums and art institutions. Collaborating with our network of government officials, art advisors, specialists and tax lawyers, we have a broad understanding of legal and business objectives and the sensitivity of matters.

We advice and represent clients in negotiations, Alternative Dispute Resolution or litigation in all matters related to art law including contracts, collaborations, consignment, representation, authentication disputes, customs, import and export licenses, restoration, damage, loans and grants or buying, selling, and investing in art.

We also offer our advice if you plan to settle in the Netherlands, Europe or Asia, or if you have questions regarding copyright, moral rights, freedom of art (and expression), droit de suite and regulations on the protection of cultural heritage.

Our international practice consisting of Dutch, English, French and German lawyers can assist you while entering or operating in the European art market to overcome language issues.