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French Bill 1630 to establish a copyright framework for artificial intelligence

On 12 September 2023, eight French members of parliament submitted a bill to the French National Assembly aimed at establishing a copyright framework for artificial intelligence[1]. The bill aims to regulate the creation and use of works of art generated by artificial intelligence (AI) systems by amending the French Intellectual Property Code to provide greater …

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The algorithm of creation, is artificial intelligence an artist per se?

How are the works “created” by artificial intelligence protected in the face of the new resolutions adopted by the European Parliament? From Deepmind, an English company owned by Google, which has created a program capable of composing music without assistance, to Dreamwriter, a Chinese algorithm that became a victim to plagiarism in 2019, the contribution …

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Can the artistic creation of robots be entitled to copyright protection?

A few years ago, this question will have seemed coming straight out of one of the Hollywood movies. But today, due to the technology development this question finds a place in doctrine. However, this interrogation is subject to debate within the legal profession. In its current states, French law does not allow a corporation to …

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