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The “use” requirement in trademark revocation cases in China

The “use” requirement in trademark revocation cases in China based on non-use for three consecutive years A trademark right is an intellectual property right that increases its value through actual use and the commercial benefits derived therefrom, meaning that its actual use by the trademark holder occurs out of a commercial need which therefore enhances …

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CETA: the dispute resolution system validated by the Court of Justice of the European Union

It was in autumn 2016 that the Walloon Region, through its Minister President Paul Magnette, vetoed the signing of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (“CETA”) by the European Union. CETA, a trade agreement between the European Union and Canada aimed at stimulating trade and supporting growth and employment, aims to reduce tariffs and protect …

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New commitment for customs in protecting cultural heritage

Last March, the European Parliament finally approved the regulation designed to protect cultural goods against smuggling and to put a stop to a source of terrorist financing. Before now, there were no universal EU laws governing imports of cultural heritage. The only European legislation on the trade of cultural goods concerned exports and the return …

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