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Blockchain Evidence Technology Recognised, is the Blockchain Court Far Away?

In the discussion on blockchain technology, you may have heard of blockchain evidence technology. What is blockchain evidence technology? Well, it is a kind of electronic evidence, which contains the three characteristics, the same as normal evidence: legality, relevance and objectivity, as well as the third-party notarization, decentralised structure, timestamp record, low cost, high credibility and other …

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China to Establish the Second and Third Internet Court

The Internet has become the second space in human life, changing people’s production and lifestyle, refreshing the concept of law, judicial practice and public demand for court services. The characteristics of virtuality, cross-regionality, and decentralization of the Internet have created enormous challenges to the existing legal theory and judicial system. Parties who are used to …

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A new possibility to block online file sharing platforms?

European Court of Justice (ECJ) rules that ‘The Pirate Bay’ infringes copyrights With its decision on June, 14th the ECJ might have paved the road for proceeding against online sharing platforms. Up to now taking legal action in order to restrict the offer of copyright-protected works was rather complicated and did not guarantee sustainable success. …

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Michael Jordan wins legal rights to his Chinese name 乔丹

Qiaodan Sports, a Chinese sportswear company, recently lost three of its registered trademark in a lawsuit against American famous basketball star Michael Jordan. The three revoked trademarks are demonstrated as “乔丹”, literally using Jordan’s Chinese name in Chinese characters, covering a wide range of products such as sports clothing, beverages and even Christmas tree decorations.  …

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Alibaba Group: The Impact of GDPR on China’s Enterprises

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect on May 25th, 2018. The Regulation will supersede the Directive 95/46/EC. It aims to unify the EU data protection legislations and strengthen EU’s data protection to meet the new privacy challenges brought by the development of digital technologies. GDPR will have significant impact on …

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Mismanagement at football club ADO The Hague

On the basis of the conflict between United Vansen International Sports Co. Ltd and soccer club ADO The Hague, we will take a closer look at the Dutch so-called survey procedure at the Enterprise Division of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal and the court’s ruling in this case. On Thursday the 15th of December 2016, …

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